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Full list of commands.
« on: March 14, 2010, 09:25:56 pm »
 Colours in normal chat:
red:(your speech here)
yellow:(your speech here) actually works
cyan:(your speech here)
white:(your speech here)
blue:(your speech here)

shake:(colour here, e.g. shake:red: (your speech here),otherwise default colour)
scroll:(colour here, e.g. scroll:red: (your speech here),otherwise default colour)
wave:(colour here, e.g. wave:red: (your speech here), otherwise default colour)
glow1: (your speech here)
glow2: (your speech here)
glow3: (your speech here)
Flash1: (your speech here)
Flash2: (your speech here)

Normal Donators commands:
::god (Makes You Char Fly.)
::xteleto (player name) (teleports you to anybody besides staff)

Supreme Donators commands (not Sure):
@gre@ (your speech here) (Makes your Words Green in yell)
@blu@ (your speech here) (makes your words blue in yell)

Miscellanous Commands:
::time (tells you the DF-Standard Time)
::reset 1 (Use This To Inform Dead Fury You Have Been Reset)
::sky (hanging out place, trading and helping occurs here, good easy place to meet people
::cw (castlewars teleport, you might get stuck in the game so definatly don't go alone)
:ickup (item id) (quantitiy of item) (need i say anything?)
::empty (removes your inventory, don't make a mistake )
::changepassword (your new password here)
::maxhit (find out your current maxhit, based on armour, str level, str bonus etc...)

Some Staff Commands:
:: mute
:: jail
:: unjail
:: unban
:: ipban
:: ipmute
:: kick
:: getaway
:: eye
:: sc
:: jail
:: unjail
:: ban
:: unban
:: kick
:: resetdrops
:: xteleto
:: energy
:: eye
:: sc
:: modzone
:: adminzone
:: staffzone
:: elf
:: desert
:: camel
:: emote
:: spawnban
:: office
:: ipban
:: ipmute
:: xteletome
:: tele
:: pnpc
:: master
:: message
:: object
:: getaway
:: maxi
:: bootall
:: noclip
:: office3
:: hail
:: guidban
:: alltome
:: kill
:: sista
:: npc
:: finishall
:: spec
:: silence
:: office2
:: office4
:: gtfo
:: puppett
:: Master
:: pnpc
:: npc

Yell Colour Commands:
@gre@ (Normal Green)
@gr2@ (Light Green)
@gr3@ (Dark Green)
@or2@ (Light orange colour)
@or3@ (Dark Orange colour)
@blu@ (Blue colour)
@red@ (Red colour)
@yel@ (Yellow colour)
@whi@ (White colour)
@str@ (Puts a Red line through words)
@cya@ (Cyan colour)
@mag@ (Magneta colour)

Thanks for Reading!


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Re: Full list of commands.
« Reply #1 on: March 14, 2010, 09:30:38 pm »
Lol nice XD *cough* spammer *cough*
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Re: Full list of commands.
« Reply #2 on: March 14, 2010, 10:28:44 pm »
lol didnt need to know this but meh :P
this is a dfscape event team website!
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